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Now live: A new experience for CPO Dealers and OEM Clients

While Autotrader is constantly innovating, we are excited to share that the first step of our experience is live now and focuses on certified pre-owned vehicles (CPO).

Most shopping experiences assume shoppers already understand the total value of a car and leave them to conduct research without a common way to compare to other vehicles in their consideration set. Autotrader is capturing this opportunity.

Before this, there was no isolated certified pre-owned experience for dealers to aggregate CPO inventory or for shoppers to view and compare OEM programs.

This experience is a game changer for how our OEM and Dealer Clients are handling off-lease inventory, operating costs, and margin compression.

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Our Big Vision

Create an experience featuring vehicles that offer a unique value to shoppers. Value that can be measured by the seller and easily understood by buyers. Generally this type of inventory will generate increased margins for the dealer and also provide a benefit of ownership once sold to a consumer.

Here are a few common qualities that suggest a car is a "better" choice for purchase than the next:

  • Low mileage
  • Great condition
  • Less than five years old
  • Remaining manufacturers warranty
  • Extended warranty
  • Clean history report
  • Recently inspected
  • One-owner
  • Limited trim options
  • Price versus value

In the spirit of the big vision, this site is named and gives us the ability to grow the platform.


Our team is here to help you connect with ready-to-buy shoppers and drive profitable sales.

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